On 2 May 1996, in Naples, Chiara laid the groundwork for the Politics for Unity Movement. She invited a group of politicians, even though they belonged to different groups, to make fraternity the basis of their lives and their political commitment. She later expounded the pioneering lines of this proposal in parliamentary settings in Brazil, Italy, Spain, England, Slovenia and at a symposium at the U.N. in New York.
Adapting the words of John Chrysostom, Chiara referred to the penetration of evangelical Wisdom in the most diverse human environments, as “inundations”, from which a sociology, a philosophy, a new theology emerge and, as an effect of communitarian spirituality, “the fountains of the Holy Spirit flood the most varied human realities”: the economic sphere, with the Economy of Communion characterized by a strong social sense; or the political sphere, with the Politics for Unity Movement which aims to direct political commitment towards the realization of the unity of the human family[1].


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Handwritten page from 1958 with 10 programmatic points centred on the motto: " To love the homeland of others as one's own".
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