On 17 December 1996, Chiara received the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. In her speech, she outlined what she described as the “secret” of the success of the Movement that began with her: “It lies in a way of life, in a new lifestyle adopted by millions of people who, inspired fundamentally by Christian principles (without neglecting, but indeed highlighting parallel values present in other faiths and different cultures) have brought peace and unity to this world, that is so much in need of rediscovering or consolidating peace. It is a new, up to date and modern spirituality, the spirituality of unity”[1].
Chiara never attributed to herself the honours that were given to her, but rather to the charism that God had given her and to those in the world who lived it.
Her work was recognized at a civic level too. As well as the prize for Peace Education, she received the Council of Europe Human Rights Prize in Strasbourg on September 22, 1998, and many honorary citizenships.

Chiara Lubich at UNESCO headquarters (Paris) on 17 December 1996
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