In St Peter’s Square, Rome, on May 30 1998, Chiara was among the four founders who spoke at the first international meeting of ecclesial movements and new communities. Over 350,000 people took part. Thanking the Pope for the support received over time, she addressed John Paul II with a promise: “We know that the Church desires full communion among movements, and their unity which, moreover, has already begun. But we assure you, Your Holiness, that, since our specific charism is unity, we will strive with all our strength to contribute to achieving it fully”[1]. Subsequently, at the local and national level, 282 gatherings were held with the involvement of more than 325 Movements and more than half a million people.
The following year, on October 26, 2000, in Assisi, Chiara initiated a journey of fellowship between ancient and new charisms, beginning with the Franciscan family. During her journey to Spain, after visiting the places associated with its great saints, Ignatius of Loyola, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, on 28 November 2002, Chiara met the spiritual children of Saint Benedict, another great founder, at the invitation of Abbot Josep M. Soler of Montserrat.


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30 May 1998, St Peter's Square
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