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December 2, 1946

From a writing {rokbox title=|From a writing :: 2 dicembre 1946| size=|561 350| thumb=|images/scritti/19461202-scritto-p.jpg|}images/scritti/19461202-scritto.jpg{/rokbox} With thought and with the affections of the heart always go beyond every limit imposed by a merely human life and tend constantly, and because of an acquired habit, to universal brotherhood in one Father: God.

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Genfest ’93

To the Youth at Genfest 1993 {rokbox title=|To the Youth at Genfest 1993| size=|561 350| thumb=|images/scritti/1993-genfest-p.gif|}images/scritti/1993-genfest.jpg{/rokbox} Genfest ‘93Dearest,My wish for you is that, in your Genfest, Jesus may see the incarnation of his New Commandment, as a testimony of love among individuals, various communities (cultural, racial, political, religious…) and among nations.Chiara

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If one loves, one gives

To the Gen4 {rokbox title=|To the Gen4| size=|561 350| thumb=|images/scritti/senza-data-gen4-p.gif|}images/scritti/senza-data-gen4.jpg{/rokbox} If one loves, he gives.If the other loves, she gives.If we love each other,everything belongs to everyone.So live the Gen 4.Chiara

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Se uno ama, dà

Ai Gen 4 {rokbox title=|Chiara Lubich ai Gen 4 :: senza data| size=|561 350| thumb=|images/scritti/senza-data-gen4-p.gif|}images/scritti/senza-data-gen4.jpg{/rokbox} Se uno ama, dà. Se l’altro ama, dà. Se tutti ci amiamo, ogni cosa diventa comune. Così vivono i Gen 4. Chiara

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One day I perceived a light

From a letter without date {rokbox title=|From a letter :: without date| size=|561 350| thumb=|images/scritti/senza-data-luce-p.gif|}images/scritti/senza-data-luce.gif{/rokbox} …I am a person who passes through this world. I have seen many beautiful and good things and I have always felt attracted only by those. One day, a day like others, I saw a light. It struck me as more beautiful than the other beautiful things and I pursued it. I realized that it was the Truth...

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